Sevdalina (Windy Sunset)
Sevdalina (Windy Sunset)

Hello, my name is Sevda :)

I've had a thing for making things with my hands ever since I was a child - paper, plasticine, drawing, even gardening (I sure did have a lot of things going on). I discovered polymer clay in 2007 and I was like "omg it can be baked and I will be able to preserve my creations!" aand then it all started :)

Three years later I got the idea that I can actually make fancy jewelry from it as well, which evolved into me joining Etsy to sell my things, so that other people can share the joy as well. Oh, and also I'm a recently graduated student in economics (most people never believe me, especially after they've seen what I do). But.. I'm used to it :D

Up to now I have also tried other crafts like beading, candlemaking, wire wrapping, paper flowers, decoupage, macrame, glass painting, card making and more... :D

My handmade jewelry is inspired by nature, and most of all by the sun :) The colours I use are all colours of the rainbow, colours of the earth, of the nature, and of the sky while the sun sets.

You can see my craft portfolio in the "Gallery" section.

Oh well.... Stay sunny! :)

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